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Behind these curtains, tightly drawn,
Are Brother Masquers, tried and true,
Who have labored diligently, to bring to you
A Night of Mirth-and Mirth 'twill be,
But, mark you well, although no text we preach,
A little lesson, well defined, respectfully, we'd teach.
The lesson is this: Throughout this Life,
No matter what befall-
The best thing in this troubled world
Is LAUGHTER, after all!
And that's the slogan of our Club-
From cradle days to shroud,
It brings the sunshine back again
And drives away the cloud.
So-now, tonight, let joy be yours,
Let LAUGHTER ring out clear!
I pray-be not too critical, in judgement, too severe!
These are all our pals we're here to see,
Their shafts of wit have zest! But should they
Touch a tender spot, remember-'Tis a Jest!
And, as you leave our house tonight,
Midst Music, LAUGHTER, Din,
Remember, friends, our slogan-


I swear by Thespis; by
Dionysus and the triumph of life over death;
By Aeschylus and the Trilogy of the Drama;
By the poetic power of Sophocles; by the romance of
By all the Gods and Goddesses of the Theatre, that I will
     keep this oath and stipulation:

To reckon those who taught me my art equally dear to me as
my parents; to share with them my substance and to comfort
them in adversity.

I will love The Theatre-not as a building of brick or stone,
but as a temple of plays that have in them the stuff of Life;
be they pleasant or unpleasant; comedy or tragedy; farce or
a play of manners.

I will live my life and practice my art with decency and fair-
ness; and I will revere the memory of those Masquers who
have taken their final curtain.

Whatever I may see or hear in the lives of men which ought
not to be spoken abroad, I will not divulge. I will not envy a
colleague greater success than my own. I will not betray a
brother Masquer.

This above all: I will dedicate my soul to the true worship
of Him who is the Great Playwright, and in whose Theatre
we are all humble.

(Written bv Tom Reed. Revised by Don Randolph, 4/4/57)


(TUNE: "Solomon Levi")
I am a Masquers member
It's the best club in the land
From stage and screen and video
We draw our jolly band.
We drink our beer and cocktails
And we lie and smoke a lot
But when it comes to women, why-
We take ours sweet or hot.


Who am I sir?
A Masquer man am I.
A Masquer man, sir,
And will be till I die, kai-yai!
When the elbow bends, we're real friends,
We hope we'll all get work.
But when one of us gets hired, then
we're convinced he is a jerk.
So fill your lungs and sing it out
And shout it to the sky
I'll fight for dear old Masquers
For - a Masquer man am I.

                By Sherman Lowe