Special thanks are due to, literally, thousands of individuals and institutions who have been instrumental in the Masquers' reaching so many wonderful goals over its more than 80-year history, and for helping foster community among the acting population during Hollywood's Golden Age. In particular, at this time, we would like to give a very special thanks to the following people for keeping the Masquers Club alive during its darkest times:

Anthony Caruso

William Poleri

Jake Baker

Pete Bosworth

Ray Campi

Palmer Casey

Bob Duggan

James West

John Albright

Harry White

Virginia O'Brien

Steve Drexel

Bob Cross

Tony Hawes

Milt Larson

Bill Woodson

Kay Kuter

John Bliss

Richard Dunham

The Mayflower Club

Eddie Brandt

Patricia Busk

Ginny Tyler

Dennis & Barbara Vice