Section One, Article Two, of the Masquers By-Laws reads:
The purposes of The Masquers shall be:
  1. The promotion of good fellowship and social intercourse among men engaged professionally in the theatre, motion picture industry, radio, television, music and the fine arts, as well as the friends of those professions; and
  2. The collection and preservation of objects of interest to those so engaged professionally.
During the Club's first 70-years, it emphasized the first part of the above Section almost entirely. The Club promoted good fellowship among men (and later, of course, women), in the creative professions by offering a refuge in the form of a Clubhouse at 1765 N. Sycamore Ave. in Hollywood (a place where, among so many other things, you could eat all of your meals, play cards into the wee hours, drink, tell jokes, and even reside) where legendary testimonial dinners took place, shows were staged, and history was made (for example, the Screen Actor's Guild was conceived in the Masquers tavern).

But now, as the Masquers slowly rebuilds itself after years of struggling with its failure to meet the needs of those who once clammored at its doors, the emphasis of the Club's purposes has become quite deliberately balanced. And though the Masquers will once again have a place to call home, a place where it can carry on its grand tradition of being "a social sanctuary for actors and the theatrically inclined," its chartered obligation to collect and preserve objects of interest to people of the professions it serves (and interested members of the public at large!) shall forever more enjoy the attention it deserves.

The new Masquers Club is passionately committed to fostering good fellowship and social intercourse among men and women engaged professionally in the theatre, motion picture industry, radio, television, music and the fine arts . . . and preserving and enhancing the history of such people and their professions by:

  • making comprehensive, and heretofore unseen, archives of historical documents, photographs, and other significant objects available to the public by way of the Internet at
  • establishing and maintaining a new clubhouse, open to members, and to the general public, as a central place for ongoing events such as stage readings and acting workshops, as well as to house the growing historical archives owned by the Club
  • holding special public events such as film festivals and walking tours of historic Hollywood landmarks
  • re-establishing the time-honored Masquers tradition of working with charitable organizations
  • offering new membership in the Masquers according to the guidelines set forth in the By-Laws of the Club